Faculty: Accreditation Mentoring Support and Other Benefits of AEHAP Membership

As the administrative support body of the National Environmental Health Science and Protection Accreditation Council (EHAC), AEHAP is the first point of contact for programs interested in accreditation.

AEHAP Accreditation Readiness Process:

If you are interested in creating an accredited environmental health degree program, please complete the following accreditation readiness tool. Email completed form to info@aehap.org or fax it to 206-985-9805 .

  • Once we receive your assessment tool, an AEHAP staff member will contact you to get more information on your program. If your program meets pre accreditation requirements, you’ll be asked to join AEHAP so we can provide support for your accreditation readiness process.
  • Membership dues are just $250 per year. As an Associate Member, you would be eligible to apply for AEHAP student recruitment and retention grants and minority serving institution grants as well as other benefits which are outlined below.

For more information about EHAC accreditation go to: http://www.ehacoffice.org.

Mentoring Support Services

  • Answers to questions about accreditation.
  • Guidance in developing curriculum which addresses accreditation guidelines.
  • When possible, mentors may visit your program to provide one-on-one support.
  • Support with preparing self-studies and pre accreditation document reviews.
  • Assists with other issues which may arise during the accreditation preparation process.
  • Letters of support to help gain institutional support for the development of your program.

Accreditation: What You Should Know

  • Membership in AEHAP or assistance by an AEHAP mentor coordinator does not guarantee accreditation.
  • The members of the EHAC site visit team make accreditation recommendations to the EHAC board. The members of the EHAC site team do not determine who gets accredited.
  • The EHAC Council determines who gets accredited. They make that determination at the annual meeting during the NEHA conference.

Benefits of AEHAP Membership

Through a Cooperative Agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, AEHAP provides a wide range of support to our member programs. Our goal is to help your program succeed in increasing the pool of diverse, qualified, environmental health professionals. We also support programs by providing:

  • Faculty resources which include links to training opportunities and new developments in the field of environmental health to help strengthen your program.
  • A quarterly newsletter which highlights success stories from environmental health degree programs.
  • Linkages to a knowledge base of faculty members in accredited and non accredited programs.
  • AEHAP support in efforts to increase foundation support and federal funding for EHAC accredited programs.