What We Do

Increasing the Environmental Health (EH) Workforce


AEHAP promotes and supports National Environmental Health Science and Protection Accreditation Council (EHAC) accredited environmental health degree programs in response to a severe shortage of national environmental health professionals.

We work to increase the EH workforce through the following efforts:

  • Public education campaigns about the value of environmental health professionals
  • Exhibiting
  • Extensive online marketing via social networks and websites

Support Students in EHAC Accredited Environmental Health Degree Programs

AEHAP supports students from our member programs through the following initiatives:

AEHAP Student Assembly (ASA)
Current students are our best recruiters! The purpose of ASA is to support new student recruitment efforts carried out by environmental health club members who are students of EHAC accredited programs. We offer $500 awards to our student clubs for recruitment projects on or off campus.

AEHAP/CDC National Center for Environmental Health Student Research Competition
Since 2000, AEHAP has administered the annual Student Research Competition awarding an average of four students with $1000 and up to $1000 in travel costs for an opportunity to present their work at the annual National Environmental Health Association conference.

NSF International Scholarship
Since 2005, AEHAP has partnered with NSF International to provide an annual NSF Scholar Award. This $3500 award goes to a student from an accredited program who competes for a research project identifying how NSF standards are applied in environmental health agencies

COSTEP Internships
The USPHS offers internships through the Commissioned Officer Student Training and Extern Program (COSTEP) giving priority to students from EHAC accredited programs. Learn more at:http://www.usphs.gov/student/

Links to Scholarships and Internships
AEHAP keeps a database of scholarships and internship opportunities that are open to students in environmental and public health academic programs. You can access these resources on our page under the Scholarships/Student Resources tab.

Support Graduates of EHAC Programs

AEHAP supports graduates through the EHAC Graduates Association (EGA). EGA offers a job bank and online forum for graduates of accredited member programs to discuss career opportunities and challenges. We care about our graduates and help link them to opportunities.

Increase Diversity in EH Degree Programs

In addition to the shortage of environmental health professionals, the workforce also experiences a lack of ethnic diversity. AEHAP works to increase diversity in the workforce by increasing diversity in environmental health degree programs through the following efforts:

  • Minority Serving Institution Workshops
  • Mentoring Minority Serving Institutions Seeking Accreditation, Exhibiting at
    conferences that draw diverse groups
  • Supporting Faculty of Accredited Programs

AEHAP serves as an advocate for environmental health education by educating policy makers about the value of investing resources into environmental health academic programs. AEHAP also links faculty with new information about environmental health to keep our community informed of new developments that could enhance student learning experiences.

Educating the Next Generation

AEHAP utilizing our websites, social networking sites, and outreach at conferences to recruit new students into accredited environmental health degree programs. Our www.careersenvhealth.com site has useful information for students interested in exploring career options in environmental health.