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Why Program Faculty & Staff Join AEHAP

At the core, AEHAP exists to champion Environmental Health Science Programs at colleges and universities across the country. AEHAP Program Membership multiplies the effectiveness of your faculty and staff efforts in the areas of student recruiting and retention, student engagement via internships, competitive award programs, student events and resources. Each AEHAP Program Membership includes quick-start resources to launch your student chapter of the AEHAP Student Environmental Health Association (SEHA). 

AEHAP is the environmental health education champion and guide for academics and students alike.

  • Recruiting EH degree students to your program.
  • Networking with other EH professionals and academics
  • EH student opportunities for internships, award programs, scholarships, engagement, and student focused information events.
  • Support and resources for your program.
  • People to call on when you need to solve a problem, share a victory, or be heard and understood.
    • Reframe and get feedback.
    • Get insight and advice.
    • Hear how other programs handle similar situations.
    • Be inspired.
    • An experienced peer to listen and understand you and your role.
    • Advice from people who understand the spheres of EH and Academia.

At AEHAP we know the passion you have for the EH field and the drive you have to share and inspire your students. A healthy EH program thrives with student involvement and success; faculty and staff are excited and inspired to be part of the EH team. Giving and receiving mentoring can be a key ingredient for the health of your program. AEHAP is where we share ideas and inspire positive change to start and keep your EH program growing and thriving.

Once your program is signed up at the AEHAP EH Program Membership level, your faculty, associates, adjuncts, and staff are eligible to have their own AEHAP member login connected to your program's membership.  

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