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Today's Environmental Health Student becomes Tomorrow's Environmental Health Hero

AEHAP supports Environmental Health Degree Programs* in providing the student education experiences that spark the EH passion in those whose work is protecting the community health and safety of the environments where we live, work, learn and play.  Environmental Health is the Science of Public Health and Safety.

*EHAC Partner Since 1999 - Learn More about EHAC Accreditation

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An Environmental Health Degree sparks a passion that lasts a lifetime.

The life of an EH Professional overflows with opportunity and variety. Rooted in science an EH professional is a caring and protective guide for their community.

At home, work, play and recreation, you discover EH professionals contributing to our health and safety in a variety of ways and environments. From our drinking water to the food we eat, the pools we swim in and the clean air we breathe, EH professionals contribute to the clean, healthy and safe environments of our lives.


AEHAP - Association of Environmental Health Academic Programs is the network of EHAC accredited environmental health degree programs on campuses throughout the US.

In 1999 AEHAP volunteers and a small staff began working alongside EHAC volunteers to promote the value of Environmental Health education and degrees. The goal was to launch more EH professionals into careers of significance, for the care, health, and protection of our communities. From then to now, the goal remains to encourage more students to pursue a science based Environmental Health degree. Whether undergrad or graduate an Environmental Health degree opens up a world of opportunity. Your EH degree sets your life on a path of unique adventure because you took the road less traveled.

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