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Promoting Environmental Health Education by 

EHAC Accredited Programs Since 1999

Why Students Join AEHAP

As an undergraduate or graduate level student of an Environmental Health (EH) degree program you are on an intriguing journey to an amazing profession and life’s work. Your academic years lay foundational steppingstones in your journey. Your EH Student Membership in AEHAP benefits you from the start of your EH academic career through the start of your EH professional career.

  • AEHAP membership keeps you in the know about student news and events.
  • SEHA** Campus Chapters for EH networking and peer connections that will last a lifetime. Be part of your campus chapter or get one going. Student leadership opportunities are found in AEHAP SEHA chapters.
  • The AEHAP SRC - Student Research Competition brings cash awards and travel for presentation at the NEHA sponsored Annual Education Conference (AEC). 4 SRC awards per year.
  • The NSF Int’l sponsored Student Research Project Award with Travel for presenting at the NEHA AEC. One AEHAP - NSF Int’l sponsored Award per year.
  • Internship opportunities across the US through NEPHIP – National Environmental Public Health Internship Program administered by NEHA, funded by CDC.
  • EH Career launching opportunities to intern with the US Public Health Service through JRCOSTEP.
  • EH Student virtual events – Fall Seminar on Internships & Award programs, Spring Student Symposium.

It’s your choice where your EH degree will take you; Public Health, Medicine & Research, EH Education & Academia, EH Organizations National and International, Governmental, Community or Private Sector. AEHAP is here as a trustworthy guide to assist along the journey to graduation into your life’s work as an Environmental Health professional.

Current Students of EH programs accredited by EHAC*, are encouraged to sign up at the Student Membership level.

*The Environmental Health Accreditation Council (EHAC) started back in 1967. Now known as the National Environmental Health Science & Protection Accreditation Council (NEHSPAC), but still called EHAC within the EH community.

**SEHA is the Student Environmental Health Association sponsored by AEHAP. SEHA is envisioned as a network of student run chapters on campuses with EHAC accredited programs across the nation.

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