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Why EH Partners Join AEHAP

AEHAP EH Partner Members are individuals, EH centric organization and affiliated Environmental Public Health teams who want to connect with EHAC programs and students. Whether your interest is in partnering as an alumni, seeking out a well-prepared summer intern or sharing an EH focused professional opportunity, your AEHAP Partner membership is the way to stay engaged and support Environmental Health education.

Individual EH Partners

  • Stay connected to your program network after graduation.
  • Be updated on EH news and events.
  • Get support and connections for achieving your REHS/RS credential.
  • Invitations to AEHAP sponsored events.
  • Be a SEHA chapter sponsor and mentor – giving back.
  • Support the AEHAP SRC program – pay it forward.
  • Be alerted to EH professional opportunities across the spectrum.
  • Keep up with Alumni from your graduation year and program.

EH Organizations and EPH Teams

  • Your AEHAP EH Partner Membership includes up to 5 people from your team.
  • Share your internship opportunities.
      • Collaborate to design an internship experience that works for your team and gives your interns a great experience, year after year.
      • An EHAC undergraduate student must complete a minimum 180 hours of in the field internship experience.
      • EHAC students are highly sought interns due to their environmental health science required coursework in biology, chemistry, epidemiology, toxicology, vector studies, zoology, statistics, and environmental data analysis. Many programs are interdisciplinary and connect to occupational safety and industrial hygiene.
  • Share your professional opportunities with new and recent graduates throughout the country.
      • Graduates have been trained to apply various environmental health sciences to solve problems. These can be related to water and air quality, food safety, pollution and climate issues, emergency preparedness, illness outbreaks and the overall health of people of all ages in our communities.
      • Graduates are trained in lab work, research, data analysis, communications, and presentations for a variety of audiences.
  • Be an influencer on EH education by adding to the conversation on the needs in the field now and for the near future.
  • Expand your connections with EH professionals in the academic sphere.
  • Meet great people within the Environmental Health field. Collaborate with others passionate about environmental health.
  • Your AEHAP membership is a key ingredient to expand your network of EH friends and associates.

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